There are only two things that could lead a Portuguese professional to give up his successful career and change his life: his family and his city. That’s how it began. In a short time, a simple idea became a reality and thus was born Tuk Tuk Tejo. We envisioned a project with a very special objective, that of sharing with the tourists who visit us the joy that we feel when Lisbon greets us with her unique light reflected in the Tagus (the Tejo as we call it), the magic that is felt each time we lose ourselves in the narrow and windy streets of its many neighborhoods, or the satisfaction of seating ourselves in a typical restaurant accompanied by a beautiful plate of grilled fresh sardines and a great glass of wine. What we do every day is show our guests all this and more on a personalized guided visit that is both ecological and full of wondrous sensations. The reasons to visit and stay in Lisbon are many. All we can say is that it is great to welcome you to our city, the place where we feel so very much at home.


The services we offer (a general description of our services)

Our tour routes through Lisbon by tuk tuk permit you to discover streets, alley ways, and small squares where only a tuk tuk can pass. These routes can all be customized to your tastes, and scheduled for day or night in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Italian, or German with the possibility of yet additional languages. Tuk Tuk Tejo brings together a cultural visit with enjoyment and comfort aboard a 100% electric Eco Tuk Tuk.

Scenic Routes (for the more curious…)

Guided visits are conducted by professionals trained in the area of travel and leizure and with a deep understanding and appreciation of Lisbon’s history, culture, art, and architecture. These routes include varied stops which permit you to relax at lookout points, to take advantage of Lisbon’s beautiful sunlight, to take pictures, and even to enjoy a glass of great wine.

Personalized Events (for those special moments…)

A trip by tuk tuk is a delightful complement to every special occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bachelor parties, remembering that special occasion among many others. Let your imagination soar and suprise that special someone with this different way to experience the city of Lisbon. Share with us your idea and we’ll take care of the rest.

Birthday Parties (for those special little ones…)

Children love our large and safe blue tuk tuks. These are like giant toys to them. We offer birthday party programs with fun games “on board” and tasty snacks included. The entire family with love it, and those special little ones will never forget the experience.

Business Events (for the most enterprising…)

Our vehicles are 100% electric, 100% ecological, 100% quiet, and 200% Tuk Tuk Tejo. They can be the new mobile conference room for your business. We have extensive experience in developing brand promotion activites, corporate events, and team-building competitions.

Tour Routes

A Tuk Tuk Tejo é uma nova forma de olhar, sentir e viver a cidade. Queremos oferecer aos nossos clientes uma forma divertida e personalizada de conhecer Lisboa. As visitas são conduzidas por profissionais com formação na área do turismo e lazer, e elevados conhecimentos da cultura, arte e arquitetura lisboetas. Viva Lisboa com a nossa paixão!


Because there are streets, alleys, and little squares in Lisbon which only a tuk-tuk can get to. Because you will have experienced guides at your disposal and your visit can be personalized. Because it offers you a unique experience which is intimate, exciting, and enriching.